Back to normal…

The past two weeks have been so very wonderful weather-wise, that it has been a real joy to forego the time wasted in front of a screen and keyboard, blogging; and replace it with quality time spent outdoors – actually living.
But now that the nights grow colder, I suppose the time has returned to get back to the keyboard, and the attendant social commentary.

The big event in town over the last few days, has of course, been the Mediaeval Fayre; held on the town’s most appreciated community green space at Tor Leisure. A good weekend’s entertainment for all – particularly families. And perfect weather for the event, too. But for me, the wonderful thing to see was the state of the field once the event was over. Not a single piece of litter, rubbish – whatever – to be seen anywhere on the field. Unbelievable. A big word of thanks to all who participated as traders, enactors, or plain campers.

Compare that with the average weekend when the town’s LIFTs [Local Inbred Feral Teens] leave the place looking somewhat untidier than the county tip. Last week one particular group of teens was so obviously oblivious to the social niceties of not leaving litter behind them, that I felt obliged to go out and photograph the wreckage they had left strewn around the field.
And tonight, now the Fayre has gone, the youth of the town have been running amok on the field; attempting to set fire to bales of hay, then to destroy one of the portaloos still onsite, by repeated, continuous, kicking.

Back to ‘normal’ indeed.


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- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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