Who’s on the list(s) ?

Right : today is April 4th; and the mid-day deadline has passed.

So just exactly who has put themselves forward for election to Glastonbury Town Council and Mendip District Council ?
The information is known; for some unknown bureaucratic reason Mendip DC has control of both elections; and for further unknown reasons, they are not going to publish this information for a further 48 hours. (Mid-day Wednesday.)
Why ?
They have the lists of names already (have probably had them for several days, in fact) — so what is preventing them from publishing them immediately on their website ?

Could it be that the ruling Tory clique with access to this information wants a 48-hour lead over anyone else in order to prepare their campaign response ?

Nah. Surely not.


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- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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1 Response to Who’s on the list(s) ?

  1. Hazel Pegg says:

    The list of candidates for District is available at http://www.mendip.gov.uk/Documents/SOPN.pdf

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