“Not with a bang, but a whimper”

It is becoming quite obvious to anyone who tries to keep a grip on global news and events that law and order are breaking down across the planet. Gradually; sporadically; but little by little, established societies are losing their control on how things are run; and chaos is beginning to take hold.

So perhaps T.S. Eliot was right — he could see clearly a century ago what is now coming to pass, slowly but surely, right across the globe.
The question is : What are localized societies doing to prepare for this ?

Take Glastonbury, for example.
What sort of plans do we have, as a community, to cater for sudden and catastrophic breakdown of social life as we know it ? (The anti-nuclear doomsayers amongst us are already claiming that a tsunami will happen again; that another earthquake is very probable; etc.) Japanese society is taking an absolute hammering at the moment, and reacting with stoicism and equanimity. We are not as resilient as them. We will not react in the same way.

What do we do in this town if tanks suddenly appear on the streets ?
If food supplies to the local supermarkets and other food outlets are suddenly, irrevocably, cut off ? If law and order is suddenly stood on its head ?
Where do we go ?
Who do we turn to ?
Do we rely on the good old British habit of “muddling through” : or do we take a cold, hard look at what is most likely to hit us, and prepare for it well in advance ?

Because it’s coming. In one way or another, it’s coming.
And currently, we are very ill-prepared.


About glastonburycomment

- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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