Calling all wannabe social activists

Today is the first day when members of the local electorate can put forward their nominations for public election to the position of Councillor — for both Town and District Councils. Fittingly, it is April 1st. I cannot think of a better date to mark the replacement of the fools and jokers who are the present incumbents.
Let us just hope that it is not also a presage of what awaits this town in the future, though. It is definitely time for change.

The window for nominations closes on Monday, April 4th.
Thus concerned citizens who really wish to effect a much-needed change in local government have only this weekend to decide whether they care enough about local affairs (and the disastrous way they are currently managed), to take courage in their hands, and put themselves forward for election on May 5th.

Quite obviously (given its past performance), the official town website does NOT give any useful information to potential candidates concerning this. It doesn’t even acknowledge that the elections are taking place. Its arrogant message is, quite clearly : We don’t care about you in the least. Leave us alone to maintain the status quo.

So; let’s all do whatever we can to radically change their attitude and give them a bloody good kicking on May 5th, shall we ?

Starting today.


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- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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