Is the official town website fit for purpose ?

Have you ever visited the town’s ‘official’ website ?
Yeah. Rubbish, isn’t it ?

The visual presentation is ghastly.
(I have it on good reputation that a free update of the presentation theme used was offered to the Town Council a year or two ago; but they refused it. Typical.)

The software being used (have a look a the source code of any page) is well out of date — it would appear to have been last updated in 2002. This means the site is frequently the target of mindless defacers, who find it easy to crack. (About once every six months.)

And the actual updating of the information on the site doesn’t seem to happen very often — once every two months or so.
Maybe. If you’re lucky.
As for allowing the electorate a means of online interaction with the Council (as stipulated in the Guidelines for local government sites), or as a means of contacting Councillors electronically — don’t make me laugh.

So why does the Council bother ? Isn’t it time that we, as the electorate, demanded that this site be properly configured; properly run; properly maintained ?
To serve us, as it is intended to, not the party-political agenda of a clique of non-representative Councillors ?

And if the Council can’t do it themselves, shouldn’t we, the electorate, just take over from them ?


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- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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