Document Freedom Day

Tomorrow, March 30th, is Document Freedom Day.
[see :]

So why should we take notice of this ?
(And just what is meant by document freedom, anyway ?)
Putting it bluntly, the reason is to protect ourselves from today’s unwanted and totally unmerited dictatorial control of the means of producing and reading computer-processed documents, by vested corporate interests. (For which, read : Microsoft.) This is a situation we have allowed to develop by passive inactivity over the years — to the point today that should this privately owned and controlled corporate suddenly and unilaterally change the way its documents are produced and/or read, the world would be thrown into immediate turmoil.

This is truly frightening.
For how many of your local government documents are you expected to buy a (very expensive) commercial word-processing package, to enable you to read them ?
To what degree are your children being brain-washed at school and college to use proprietary software to produce their schoolwork ?
How has this de facto situation influenced your personal attitude to not caring whether the software you use to produce or read such documents is stolen or not ?

It is time for everyone to wake up; realize the danger; and make a personal decision to do something about it.

My advice is : start with your local government representatives.
I urge every citizen of this town to visit their local government town website [], and complain bitterly to its editor(s) about their arrogant attitude to the people they serve; and their total disregard for Local Government Website Guidelines (available for consultation at the Town Hall).

Much good that I expect it will do.


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- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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