Plus ça change ….

…. plus c’est la même chose

I have just returned from a very relaxing weekend in Devon. Whilst there I had the opportunity of reading one of the excellent local freebie glossies – the East Devon Coast & Country magazine. I was staggered to find among its pages (mainly devoted to attracting tourists to the area), a very lucid one-and-a-half page article by local writer Claire Wright, on the appalling culture of secrecy of the East Devon District Council.
[see : for an online version.]

This article makes riveting reading.
It clearly underlines a fact that we here in Somerset have slowly been coming to terms with — that our local District Councillors cannot be trusted. Particularly where the financial profits from property development are concerned; and that if pressure is brought to bear on them on these matters, they will do almost anything to wriggle out of having to make themselves accountable to the electorate.

The article also provided me with a useful pointer to another SW site : — which also makes riveting reading.

So, wherever you go in the region, the moral appears to be : plus ça change ….

Roll on May 5th.


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