Just who controls our town environment ?

Driving back into town today, I passed the new building going on at the top of the High Street.

I don’t know how many houses are to be put up in what was previously a very nice tree-stocked garden; but from what you can see from the road, they are going to be densely-packed, and no larger than rabbit-hutches — and probably far less comfortable for their inhabitants.

Why are builders / developers allowed to get away with this ?
Just where is the input of the town Planning Committee in all of this ?
Manifestly, when you look at new building sites, the accommodation going up is not for the benefit of those in need of, and seeking accommodation; but purely for the financial benefit of the land-owners and developers.
Artistic and aesthetic considerations are entirely absent.
Conditions of comfort for the inhabitants seem to be entirely ignored.

When, when, when is this town going to get a coherent planning and development policy — then implement it ?


About glastonburycomment

- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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