Bang !

I see the anti-nuclear doomsday-mongers are at it again.
(see : pretty coloured map.)

As a teenager growing up in Cumberland in the 1950s, I lived through the world’s worst civil nuclear disaster (until Chernobyl), and experienced first-hand what it’s like when the men in fully-protective goon-suits come round taking samples of dust from your window-sills.
And the lies you are told by those in ‘authority’. And wondering why they are wandering around in protective gear, while you are standing there ‘naked’.

(I know now they were lies — 30 years after the event, I watched with utmost horror the real story of the Sellafield incident being re-told on TV by the men involved at the time, who were forcibly — and utterly cynically — not allowed to warn the local population of the true amount of radiation released on them. But we believed what they said at the time. After all, they should know best, shouldn’t they? And anyway — what else could we do ?)

Today, I wouldn’t believe a blind word anyone ‘in authority’ might say about this sort of thing. About safety; about precautions — nothing. Nothing at all. Nanny organizations always know best, don’t they ? The important thing is not to panic the population, isn’t it ? (And safeguard the financial interests concerned. Never forget that.)

However — and strange as this may sound — in the event, I’m with Lovelock on this.
Nuclear may not be nice; but it’s the only real option we have.

Three major incidents worldwide in half a century — we can’t say that about the safety of aircraft, now can we ?


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