500 to go — and counting

Well — only 500 days to go before the start of the Olympic Games.

So what is Glastonbury doing to further tourism, bring in a few more shekels, and get all the expected punters away from London and down to the West Country for a break during this period ?

Resounding silence.

(Thinks : a couple of years or so ago, one of the town wags organized a mud-wrestling competition for Goddesses up on the Tor. Any interest in turning that into an Olympic sport ? You never know: it could turn into a big money-spinner.
Now — who’s got the TV rights ?)


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2 Responses to 500 to go — and counting

  1. Hazel Pegg says:

    That is actually a very good point. There is no Pilton in 2012 so prospective tourists might be able to find a B&B in Glastonbury not already booked up by festival goers who prefer hot running water to portaloos. We should be looking at putting something on during that period.

  2. Agreed.
    But what ?
    I still hanker after a Festival of the Literary Arts to be centred in Glastonbury — better than a festival of literature (Wells has one of those) it can include performance poetry, drama, musical story-telling — whatever.
    It could even include the annual Gorsedd — why not ?

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