Death of Carnival

Finally — what the Town Council was hoping to hide from the public at last week’s full meeting has now been revealed.

See : — Steve Boswell’s excellent Glastonbury blog.

(You will search in vain for any ‘official’ reports on this meeting — the Town Council website remains resolutely silent about the matter. Of course. The cowards.)

My own feelings are simply of extreme disgust and distaste at the group of mealy-mouthed, spineless, feckless, party-policy-spewing, useless old farts who ‘run’ our Town Council.
And their total lack of support for those activities in which the townspeople take great community pride — but from which, they, the Council(s), cannot screw any money for their own purposes.

It’s time they ALL went.
Town; District; and County.


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1 Response to Death of Carnival

  1. What the council were trying to hide at the full TCM is not the news about the carnival. That was introduced during the public participation, I’d guess none of them knew about it (even the two who _should_ have).

    I have yet to blog about the _real_ secret bit, but I will be.

    Basically, MDC sent a couple of representatives to talk to the TC about the traveller situation at Moorlands. There was a lot of stuff, it cut into the public participation and went on for nearly an hour. Much of it was very unpopular with the traveller hating TC and some of it was skipped over with lovely lines like “I could give you an answer to that but you wouldn’t like it and I think it would be better if I didn’t say anything during a public meeting”.

    Fills you with joy that there is stuff that MDC can’t tell the TC if the public are listening, doesn’t it!

    Enjoying the blog BTW, keep it up, it’s nice to see rational posting about our TC/DC/CC.

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