National Trust to take over public playgrounds ?

With savage cuts in spending or financing public amenities — such as playgrounds — the choices of where one can go for recreational activities becomes ever more restricted.

This afternoon, I went for a walk on Walton Hill — a nearby National Trust countryside property on the outskirts of Street/Walton. Even before my wife and I left the car-park there, we could hear the angry buzzing of model aero engines. Standing at the entrance gate to the site, we could see the cause — a man and (presumably) his teenage son, racing radio-controlled model cars along the grass tracks where the public walk and sheep graze.

My wife felt intimidated by this, and didn’t want to go through the gate. I had no such misgivings. (After all — I tend to use such places myself as convenient sites for amateur radio transmissions. Although I have to admit, erecting an 18-foot antenna isn’t quite as disruptive as being charged by a humming, angry, RC model car, travelling at 35 mph.)

But the incident caused me to think. With the ever-shrinking number of public parks and playgrounds, financed and maintained by local government — is the National Trust going to be expected to take over in their place ?

If so, I think someone should tell them.


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