Junk mail and telephone scams

[Glad to see from other fora in town that most people feel the way I do about the town’s righteous headbangers’ current obsession with boycotting the Census.]

However, today, another subject raised my ire. Over the past two days, I have received a total of fifteen items of junk mail, delivered through my door by the Post Office. And buying a copy of Radio Times today meant that I was expected to absorb another five from within its pages.

All twenty went straight into the shredder. (Some of them 32-page catalogues, too.) All were printed in colour. All were printed on gloss paper. Expensive salvage, that.

Also, during the same period, two of these idiotic unsolicited ‘survey’ mongers (a.k.a. financial scam merchants) have cold-called me over the telephone in the privacy of my own home, and attempted to inveigle me into their dubious schemes. This, despite the fact that I’m signed up to every anti-cold-call scheme that I know of.

So — in this time of recession — who is making the money ?

My guess would be the printers. Followed by the telephone scammers.

They wouldn’t be doing it otherwise.


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- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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