Town Council meeting tonight

Second Tuesday of the month — that has to mean a special meeting of the Town Council tonight, at which the public are ‘allowed’ to voice their opinions in public.
(Not that the Council will take a blind bit of notice, though. I speak from personal experience.)

But wait a minute — the agenda for tonight’s meeting (usually published at least seven days in advance), has NOT been published anywhere, as is normally the case.
So what exactly does this mean ? What’s special about tonight’s meeting ?

Reading between the lines, previous experience of this sort of behaviour from local Councils intimates that whenever they’ve got something just that teensy bit contentious that they want to pull off without the public interfering too much — or even knowing what is being planned to be done in its name — then they don’t advertise it too well beforehand.

Only time — and attendance at the meeting itself — will tell.

(Personally, given that my choices at 7 pm this evening are of either watching a bunch of super-annuated dead white males mindlessly mouthing party-line policies, or watching Professor Brian Cox expounding on the Wonders of the Universe, I don’t think there’s any contest.)


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- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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