Senseless slaughter

What is it with guns that fascinates the sub-human mind ?

It has been reported over the past few days that some inbred with obvious problems has been slaughtering swans on the Levels with an airgun. Thirty corpses have been found so far. The swans found on the moors were not killed for food – but for pleasure. What kind of sick – really sick – mind does this ?

What possesses the sub-humans who carry out this senseless slaughter ? Are they sublimating frustated sexual desires into a wild killing spree ? Are they in some period of arrested growth into social acceptance which makes them feel they have to kill other living creatures to gain attention and social recognition amonst their own ? How on earth were they brought up by their parents ?

Whatever the explanation may be, I sincerely hope they are found; arrested; and imprisoned for the maximum term. My heart bleeds for these creatures whose lives have so carelessly been terminated to satisfy the dubious urges of some sick human individual. Each of those lives was surely worth more than a thousand times that of the cowards who sought them out to use as a demonstration of their own ‘power’ over others.


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- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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1 Response to Senseless slaughter

  1. Yay !
    The BBC announced tonight the arrest of three men in their 30s and 40s for the senseless slaughter of these birds.
    GOOD !
    If found guilty, I hope these sub-humans get everything in the book slung at them.
    And more.

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