Paul the Artist has left us

I didn’t know him very well.  But as a painter, writer and general life-artist myself, I stood on the High Street pavement and talked about art, life and Glastonbury with him quite a few times.

I rather liked his painting — it felt controlled; safe; unadventurous; purely commercial.  Fit for purpose.  Nothing else was allowed to show.  I would have liked it to be a bit more like Paul himself as I perceived him.  Charismatic; quirky; perfectly competent, but capable of more — much, much more.  You just had to dig a little to find it.

Maybe one day I’ll find it buried somewhere in one of his paintings.

So wherever you are Paul, let your brushstrokes now show whatever you like.  You earned it.


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- a social commentator, resident in Glastonbury
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1 Response to Paul the Artist has left us

  1. Editor says:

    [re-posted from GlastonburyPeople] :

    “…regarding the timings of Paul’s funeral. The following details have come directly from the family: On Friday 18th March at 2pm at St John’s there will be an hour long memorial service for Paul the Painter.
    … People who have stories to tell or paintings by Paul are invited to come along and share them with everyone. There will be a space at the back of the church for pictures / photographs or commemorations for Paul’s Life.
    The wake will then commence at the George & Pilgrims at 3.30pm”

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